10 Classy Prime Rib Dinners in Los Angeles

10 Classy Prime Rib Dinners in Los Angeles

The most decadent way to eat in the universe

There’s something special about dining out and having a gorgeous piece of prime rib before your eyes. A roast prime rib is a true celebration: a declaration of abundance and merriment. That’s why places like Tam O’Shanter and especially its sister restaurant Lawry’s the Prime Rib are such popular places to celebrate a special occasion in the city. While it’s actually a bit difficult to find places that serve prime rib on a nightly basis, there are plenty of steakhouses and other old school restaurants that serve it on weekends or on special nights of the week.

What’s best with prime rib? Well, first off, start with a martini if they haven’t already offered you one. Then pair the meal itself with a fine claret (okay, that’s just a fancy word for Bordeaux, but any good, aged red wine will suffice). Then enjoy with potatoes, creamed spinach, and perhaps some Yorkshire pudding. Here now, where to get fancy roast prime rib in Los Angeles.

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