10 Essential Shabu-Shabu Restaurants in Los Angeles

10 Essential Shabu-Shabu Restaurants in Los Angeles

With this chilly evening weather, it’s a great time to enjoy Japanese hotpot

Shabu-shabu is tearing across LA with its unique style of Japanese hot pot. With Koreatown’s all-you-can-eat scene creating a bevy of new fans, the traditional Japanese meal has its origins in Osaka. Shabu-shabu literally means “swish-swish” and starts with raw meat, seafood, and vegetables dipped and swished into broth before dipping into a ponzu or goma (sesame) sauce.

While Chinese mutton hotspot might’ve inspired Japanese shabu-shabu, it’s really its own category and demands its own map some time in the future. What’s great about LA’s shabu-shabu scene is that there are affordable AYCE places, old school spots in South Bay and Little Tokyo, and even a few baller high-end establishments that would feel right at home in Roppongi. Here now, the 11 essential shabu-shabu restaurants in Los Angeles.

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