19 Tourist Trap Restaurants in LA That Are Actually Good

19 Tourist Trap Restaurants in LA That Are Actually Good

Destination dining doesn’t always have to disappoint

Like any major American city, Los Angeles has its share of tourist traps and “locals don’t go” destinations. Folks tend to be disappointed by the sometimes shabby nature of Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, say, or enrage themselves over the lack of prime beachfront parking in Santa Monica. But despite it all, there are tourist-friendly dining stops across the city that successfully blur the line between tourist haven and must-eat spot.

Sometimes the restaurants are just located in tourist zones, or happen to be frequent concierge recommendations. Whether it’s the Venice Boardwalk or Universal CityWalk, or the tourist-laden Golden Triangle of Beverly Hills, here’s a handy guide to tourist trap restaurants that are actually pretty good.

Added: Lawry’s, El Cholo, Water Grill, Ludobird, Genwa, Pampas, 189 by Dominique Ansel, The Grill on the Alley

Removed: In-N-Out, Ray’s & Stark Bar, Gjusta, Eggslut, Chateau Marmont, Spago, Jon & Vinny’s

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