20 Feast-Worthy Steakhouses in Los Angeles

20 Feast-Worthy Steakhouses in Los Angeles

It’s a great time to enjoy a steak around town

Steaks, whether grilled or broiled, grass or grain fed, are one of life’s great comforts. Los Angeles has become a hub for fantastic beef in a variety of cuts, served in settings that range from old school to positively luxurious. And while LA might not have the long legacy of steakhouses as a city like Chicago or New York (or the pedigree of Texas steak culture), the offerings in this town are as excellent as any meat-eater can find.

Better still, like any good steakhouse the spots on this list do more than just grill and serve. There are fantastic cocktails to be had, awesome sides of pasta, and plenty more to enjoy — including at least one steak-focused tasting menu from a celebrity chef. Like any other city, steakhouses are always going to be the go-to option for an elevated dining experience that’ll please a crowd, even non meat-eaters. Restaurants are presented from west to east.

Dropped: Capo, George Petrelli’s, Boa, Jar, Bourbon Steak, Chianina, Ocean Prime, Steven’s Steak & Seafood, Arroyo Chophouse

Added: The Royce, APL, EST, The Grill on the Alley, The Nixon

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