21 Restaurants to Try Along Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles

21 Restaurants to Try Along Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles

The Mid-City Boulevard has plenty of culinary finds, from high to low

Driving down Melrose Avenue brings you through an interesting variety of sights and cultural enclaves. Heading west from the 101 begins in a stretch of the street that’s rather barren until you hit Paramount Studios, from which point the dining scene improves by leaps and bounds.

First you’ll encounter old school Italian joints before hitting some of the best upscale spots in the city thanks to Providence and Kali. Mozzaplex, what is arguably the most important cluster of concepts on the street, comes next before landing in the hip shopping district. Finally you’re at the Beverly Hills border, where celebrities flock to places like Craig’s and Cecconi’s.

What that ultimately comes down to is that no matter what you’re looking for, the diversity of eateries on Melrose means there’s probably something for you. From cheap sushi joints to fancy pants tasting menu restaurants, here now are the 21 best restaurants on Melrose, presented from east to west.

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