22 Essential Los Angeles Burgers, 2017 Edition

22 Essential Los Angeles Burgers, 2017 Edition

From classic to new school, the best places to get burgers in Los Angeles

Hamburgers are truly America’s food, born of the country’s fascination with beef amidst the 1950’s commoditization of farming. Those same mid-century decades also spawned the rise of the nation’s modern highway systems and LA’s fast food culture in general, making the lowly hamburger something to be sought out as a destination or grabbed quickly on the way home.

There’s also no convenient diagram for what makes a perfect Los Angeles burger. Some hew close to the Southern California standard, with thin griddled patties, fresh toppings, American cheese, and a slightly tangy spread. Others stack multiple massive patties together for a bit of primal indulgence, while still more trade in mayonnaise for foie gras-inflected bordelaise sauce. Here now, the essential Los Angeles burgers.

Removed: Locol, Republique, and Love & Salt

Added: Hinoki & The Bird, Connie & Ted’s, Mo Better Burgers

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