22 Old-School Red Sauce Italian Restaurants in Los Angeles

22 Old-School Red Sauce Italian Restaurants in Los Angeles

Spaghetti, chicken parm, and endless glasses of Chianti

There’s something familiar and comforting with the perfect bowl of spaghetti and meatballs. It was the go-to order if the family went to a sit-down restaurant. While more modern California-Italian restaurants seem to be on every hip corner in Los Angeles (read: Bestia, Felix, Rossoblu), there’s nothing like a red-sauce Italian place that feels timeless.

And despite the feeling that’s it’s increasingly difficult to find old school Italian food in L.A., but it’s actually pretty easy to land at a red checkered table in town. On the Westside, there are classics like Vito and Giorgio Baldi. To the east, tuck into a bowl of pasta at Little Dom’s or Marino. To the north, there’s Barone’s from 1945 and to the south there’s Papalucci’s from 1990. Here now, presented from west to east, 22 old-school Italian red sauce restaurants in Los Angeles.

Removed: Jon & Vinny’s, Miceli’s, Peppone, Bruno’s, Madeo, Pinocchio, Il Capriccio

Added: Barone’s, Colombo’s, Domenico’s, Papalucci’s

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