6 Instant Root Cover-Up Solutions

6 Instant Root Cover-Up Solutions

After investing in something indulgent and worthwhile, you want it to last as long as possible. We’ve figured out how to extend the life of our cell phone batteries, lipsticks, vacations—so why not our dye jobs? If a busy schedule has made regular salon retouches a near impossible feat, it may be time to reach for a new, upgraded, root cover-up. The new wave of unwanted hair-hue-hiders are decidedly user-friendly, concealing without damaging existing color, and without dyeing your hands a conspicuous shade during use. Oribe Airbrush Root Touch-Up Spray is ideal for brunettes, as a few quick-drying spritzes send mineral pigments that attach to hair fibers for a covert, in-the-meantime veil that doubles as an oil-absorbing dry shampoo.

And while those with lighter lengths were previously left to their own devices between appointments, pitch-perfect and customizable color options are making it easier for blondes to stay blonde: John Frieda Colour Blending Concealer is comprised of a dual-shade palette that allows golden, honey, and caramel blondes to blur roots to chromatic perfection, while brush-on favorite Color Wow Root Cover Up is even available in platinum. And for a bit of extra oomph, hair growth hero Viviscal offers a density-enhancing option—by way of microscopic fibers that bind to hair strands and stay put until your next shampoo—adding thickness and volume in addition to color camouflage. Here, six temporary pigments designed to keep roots under wraps.


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