A Handy Guide to Jewish Delis in Los Angeles

A Handy Guide to Jewish Delis in Los Angeles

Why LA is the best Jewish deli scene in the country

Jewish delis are one of the strongest aspects of LA’s dining scene, thanks to a rich, embedded culture in communities across the city. Places like Canter’s, Nate ‘n Al, and Langer’s represent a kind of timeless mid-century delicatessen experience, an affordable and casual place for everything from pastarmi and corned beef to breakfast classics.

Today, a good number of Jewish delis continue to live on, though in recent years with the loss of places like Junior’s Deli (which Lenny’s eventually replaced), some have wondered if these delis would continue to remain relevant. But new school players like Wexler’s, Fleishik’s, and New York Famous deli continue to bring the style to new diners across Los Angeles. Here now, a handy guide to Jewish delicatessens in LA.

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