A New Gelato Shop Hits Hyperion Blvd by September’s End

A New Gelato Shop Hits Hyperion Blvd by September’s End

The border between Silver Lake and Los Feliz will have more than a few frozen food specialists

It’s easy to assume that the forthcoming Hyperion Gelato is riding a trend. But Armand Hakopyan just wants to serve his family’s gelato recipes. Hakopyan will do it by opening the Los Feliz gelateria at the end of September.

The space was a shoe store owned by the Hakopyan family. “We just got tired of shoes, and wanted to change the business into a gelato shop. My grandparents, Margaret and Nubar, used to live in Italy. They immigrated to Rome from Armenia in 1978. We have a secret family recipe. So they taught my father, Jack, and my father taught me.”

Hyperion Gelato will serve 18 flavors, with choices for vegans, on a cup or cone. And when the renovation is complete, gelato enthusiasts will have bar seating inside the store.

It’s Hakopyan’s first time opening a food business, and it’s situated in an area that already has chilled sweet options coming out of its ears. Both Magpie Softserve and Pinkberry are a three-minute walks from Hyperion Gelato’s front door, with Pazzo Gelato a five minute drive towards Sunset Boulevard.

Hakopyan will try to win over the neighborhood by rotating recipes, including 50 different versions of chocolate gelato.

Hyperion Gelato
2806 Hyperion Blvd
Los Angeles, CA

A New Gelato Shop Hits Hyperion Blvd by September’s End.” Eater LA – All. https://la.eater.com/2017/8/18/16169860/hyperion-gelato-los-feliz-opening.

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