Artist Juliana Huxtable Breaks the Runway Mold at Chromat

Artist Juliana Huxtable Breaks the Runway Mold at Chromat

Chromat has always been one to quite literally break the mold. The architectural-inspired line of lingerie and swimwear has bent and reshaped the rules of form since its 2014 launch, with CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Finalist Becca McCharen playing with physiques, proportion, and identity in her dramatic designs.  As she recently told us, “Sexiness as a male-gaze concept is never a motivation for me. Who’s defining what looks good on my body?” And today, as trans artist Juliana Huxtable strode down the runway in a blue keyhole minidress with black caging around her waist, her signature cascading braids falling over her shoulders, it was clear that Chromat’s approach to model casting is just as mold-breaking as its clothes.

Huxtable, a New Museum Triennial artist who appeared in the January issue of Vogue, recently staged a sold-out performance at the Museum of Modern Art on the omniprescence of technology. At Chromat, she walked alongside Sabina Karlsson and Isis King, models who also push back on traditional body standards. It was a refreshing sight to see, but Huxtable, who walked DKNY and Eckhaus Latta last season, is hardly a stranger to the runway—she’s simply continuing to rewrite its rules.

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