Carmen vs. Karmen: Who Is the Ultimate Michael Kors Muse?

Carmen vs. Karmen: Who Is the Ultimate Michael Kors Muse?

Michael Kors has always kept things consistent when it comes to his branding. Try as you may, you will never find a piece of Kors imagery that could ever be described as grungy, or weird, or anything less than aspirational and luxurious. The brand’s focus on glamour and excitement has resulted in a constant stream of imagery featuring yachts, Gulfstream planes, vintage cars, and, more often than not, the presence of a staggeringly beautiful blonde. Over the years, names like Sasha Pivovarova and Vanessa Moody have appeared in the designer’s campaigns, but when it comes to the definitive Kors women, it all goes back to two: Carmen Kass and Karmen Pedaru. The elegant Estonian homophones have both served as the face of Michael Kors, representing his ideal across a multitude of product lines and seasons. But who is the ultimate Michael Kors muse? The face-off, below:


karmen pedaru
karmen pedaru


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Carmen Kass
Age: 37
Hometown: Tallinn, Estonia
Number of Years Working with Kors: 10
Off-Duty: A true Renaissance woman, Kass is fashionable and politically active—running for Estonian Parliament back in 2004. Along with her partner, Grandmaster Eric Lobron, Kass is an avid chess player, and headed up the Estonian Chess Federation.
Greatest Modeling Achievement: Landing on the cover of Vogue five times. As one of the busiest models of the early ’00s, Carmen Kass did campaign work for everything from Tom Ford–era Gucci to Phoebe Philo’s Chloé, but in Kors Kass found her lengthiest collaboration.
Secret Advantage: Pedaru may rule the current scene, but Kass’s accomplishments elevate her to supermodel status.


carmen kass
carmen kass


Photo: Marcio Madeira

Karmen Pedaru
Age: 25
Hometown: Kehra, Estonia
Number of Years Working with Kors: 5
Off-Duty: A former athlete, Pedaru was on a path to join Estonia’s national women’s soccer team prior to modeling. Known for her incredible physique, Pedaru now lives between Rome and Estonia with her husband, art director Riccardo Ruini.
Greatest Modeling Achievement: Fragrance contracts galore, a sweet beauty deal with Kors, and continued success on the runway make Pedaru one of the top models of the moment.
Secret Advantage: In the social media–dominated, blink-and-you-miss-it fashion world, you’re only as relevant as your last booking, and Pedaru keeps churning out great work.


Results: A tie, of course. in Kors’s world, there’s always room for another beautiful blonde.

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