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These 20 LA Restaurants Owe More Back Wages Than Any Other

City Guide Los Angeles August 2, 2016 0 Comments

KCRW exposes them all As a part of KCRW’s Burned series, investigative journalist Karen Foshay continues her deep dive into the restaurant industry, expanding on yesterday’s look at wage theft to find out exactly how much restaurants owe their employees. After harrowing analysis that involved an examination of over 2,300 wage claims filed by restaurant workers, KCRW found the 20…

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Jonathan Gold Doesn't Mince Words on The Cannibal's Pig's Head

City Guide Los Angeles August 1, 2016 0 Comments

The Times critic offers his take on the meaty eatery This week, Jonathan Gold reviews The Cannibal, the Culver City eatery that was nearly eaten alive by an LA Weekly review. The Goldster describes the menu as offering “riffs on the usual New York/L.A. small-plates tropes,” with New York-sourced cured meats “at a time when so many kitchens are making their…

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