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An Eater’s Guide to Los Angeles

City Guide Los Angeles September 12, 2016 0 Comments

Hollywood, the beaches, the hills, the valleys, and the wide boulevards chock full of traffic-mired cars — it’s all part of the city’s concrete jungle. This expanse of light, street art, towering skyscrapers, and celebrity-riddled mansions plays host to a vibrant restaurant scene — arguably the country’s best. This guide will help you navigate it all. Welcome to the land of endless…

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Taking Burmese Food to the Mainstream

City Guide Los Angeles September 9, 2016 0 Comments

Ask Delyn Chow, the chef-owner of the new Daw Yee Myanmar Corner in Silver Lake, to describe Burmese food, and instead he’ll list off a slew of influences: Thai herbs, Indian spices, Chinese noodles. Fair enough. Keep asking and instead Chow will point you towards a goopy spoonful of mohinga, the thick catfish stew served with thin rice noodles. It’s…

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Who Wants to Take Over Rick Bayless's Red O Lease on Melrose for $3 Million?

City Guide Los Angeles September 8, 2016 0 Comments

Some new lease shenanigans bring up questions about the restaurant’s future Interested in being a part of the Melrose restaurant community? You could certainly do worse than the 6,000 square foot, 220-seat space that currently houses Red O. According to Loopnet, the property itself is up for a leasehold interest sale. That means while the current actual owner of the building…

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