Innocentia USA is the official American representative of the brand and the Company “Innocentia”, which is based in Ukraine, Europe. It was started 4 years ago and employs more than 50 specialists.

We are export – oriented company, have partners in Spain, Italy, Poland, Greece, Russia, Australia, Brazil and since 2015 in the USA. In each country we have 1 exclusive representative company. Only highly-skilled professionals and designers work at our company in order to make the dress of your dream.

We offer private and customized services. All our dresses are handmade, we offer luxury level and affordable prices. We also ensure high quality materials and accessories. Every single tiny detail matters to us, therefore we do a huge amount of handwork.

We offer exclusive, private and custom services. If you’d like to design your wedding dress, our team of professional designers will gladly assist you. We will be more than happy to create for you the one and unique dress of your dream.

Our advantages are:

Quality-all our dresses are hand made, we use only high quality materials!

Service-we do private and customized dresses, taking personal measurements of the client. We don’t charge anything for this service!

Speed-usually it takes about 3-6 month or less to make one exclusive dress. However we can also do priority orders, if our beautiful clients are in rush!

Design-we offer exclusive designs, however you are welcome to customize it or design your own dress!

Method- you can buy or rent our wedding dresses and evening dresses!

Style-we make dresses of all trends and styles: classic, hand-embroidered, extravagant, etc.

“Innocentia”總部設在烏克蘭,歐洲。 “Innocentia”公司在西班牙,意大利,波蘭,希臘,俄羅斯,澳大利亞,巴西都設有分公司在每個國家,我們有1家獨家代表公司、工廠。有高技能的專業人員和設計師在“Innocentia”公司工作! 我們提供私人和定制服務。所有的衣服都是手工製作的,我們提供豪華水平和實惠的價格。我們還確保高品質的材料和配件。每一個細微的細節對我們都很重要,因此有大量的手工師傳。 我們提供獨家,私人和定制服務。 如果你想設計你的婚紗,我們的專業設計師團隊將很樂意為您服務。我們將非常樂意為您創造一個和獨一無二的夢想的婚紗


質量 – 所有的衣服都是在歐洲純手工製作,我們只使用高品質的材料!

服務 – 我們做私人和定制的衣服,採取客戶的個人測量。我們不對這項服務收取任何費用! 速度 – 通常需要大約3-6個月或更少時間做一件獨家服裝。但是我們也可以做優先訂單,如果我們美麗的客人很急!

設計 – 我們提供獨家設計,但歡迎您自定義或設計自己的衣服!

方法 – 你可以買或租我們的婚紗禮服和晚禮服!

風格 – 我們製作所有趨勢和風格的衣服:經典,刺繡等


Venus Club
We are named after Venus. We offer fashion style mix and match, hair styling, and daily commodities. Our job is to help everyone to shape a better image and create a most romantic love story.

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