Just in Time for Milan Fashion Week, Viviana Volpicella Shares Her Secret Addresses

Just in Time for Milan Fashion Week, Viviana Volpicella Shares Her Secret Addresses

Milan Fashion Week is looking livelier than it has in years. Kicking things off on Wednesday is a lunch with Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. And the calendar includes a handful of promising debuts. Street style superstars Gilda Ambrosio and Giorgia Tordini have launched a collection dubbed Attico with a focus on what they’re calling “specialty couture.” Rossella Jardini, longtime creative director of Moschino, is presenting a new eponymous collection. And Stefano Pilati’s name has surfaced in connection with Edward Buchanan’s Sansovino 6.

To whet your appetite for the days ahead, LaDoubleJ’s fashion director, Viviana Volpicella, has given Vogue.com a sneak peek at her Milan hot spots. You can find much more from Volpicella and LaDoubleJ’s JJ Martin in the new Milan guide they’ve produced for the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana, which will be distributed outside the shows this week. Like we said, lots of new developments.

The following has been edited from the Camera Nazionale della Moda’s Milan Guide.

Where do you start your day?
I always take a caffè at Di Viole di Liquirizia (Via Madonnina 10). They know me so well that I don’t even have to order; I just show up. I even have my own personal Minions cup. This is my office. When you cannot find me, I am there.

Where do you take an aperitivo?
I love the San Germain Spritz from Filippo Lamantia (Piazza Risorgimento/ Via Poerio 2/A), because you can smoke inside (news flash!), and Filippo himself is hot, and I want to be his girlfriend and he wants to be my boyfriend. I also love the Yard (Piazza XXIV Maggio).

You’re always smoking! What is your brand, and where do you buy cigarettes?
I smoke Gauloises Gialle, which are French, just because they are my favorite writer Samuel Beckett’s cigarettes. I get them in Piazza San Sempliciano. They stock them in the after-hours self-service machine just for me so I can get them at night.

What is your favorite multi-brand shop?
Antonia (Via Cusani 5), because Antonia is a friend of mine and she’s the one. She has the best selection, and I go there for ideas and inspiration. I also love Pupi Solari (Via Lorenzo Mascheroni 12), because Pupi and her shop are both Milanese institutions.

What’s your favorite small shop with small labels?
Mariza Tassy (Via Molino delle Armi 45) has a super-cool,
super-hippie selection with a cool vibe.

Where do you buy your pj’s . . . and undies?
I always wear men’s pajamas by Derek Rose, which you can find online or at La Rinascente (Piazza del Duomo). They’re old-style with an attitude, and I always get them in white. My underwear comes from the street market in Piazza San Marco in Brera. I stock up and buy loads.

What’s the best linens shop?
My sheets are very, very old white cotton from my grandmother; otherwise I like Casa del Bianco (Corso Magenta 2). I get everything in white. Sheets, towels, underwear, everything!

What’s your local farmacia?
Farmacia Legnani (Via Giovanni Rasori 2) is the best. It is not in Brera, but that’s okay. If you are a blonde with blue eyes and want brown hair and brown eyes, you can achieve it there. I always get mandorle oil and iperico oil for my face.

You get around town in a scooter with a signature basket; where did that come from?
Rossignoli (Corso Garibaldi 71), of course! I am super-proud of my midnight-blue scooter. It matches everything and goes with any look. It is the perfect color.

Where would you send a man to go shopping?
A man only needs the right woman to dress him, but otherwise there is Host (Piazza Tommaseo 2). I also like Deus ex Machina (Via Thaon di Revel 3) for a casual-Friday look.

Where would you go to buy a unique gift?
Raw (Via Palermo 1) is where you can find something from 20 euros to 2,000 euros. I got all of my Christmas presents there last year. If you want something super-duper unique, there is Max Bernadini Luxury Vintage (Corso Magenta 68) for those with the big bucks.

Your preferred jeweler?
I love De Simone (Via Madonnina 23) for its unique coral and cameo pieces, which are very traditional and remind me of jewelry from the south. And for the big diamonds, Sabbadini (Via Montenapoleone 6). I also love its little gold bees.

Where do you go for a nonfashion activity?
Anteo Cinema (Via Milazzo 9) in Brera, of course. It has a
super-highbrow selection of films, and I love it. You find the most intellectual and best people in Milan there.

Almost all of these places are in Brera! Do you ever leave that zona?
I live in Brera, not in Milano. Brera is my town.

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