LA’s 14 Essential Ramen Shops

LA’s 14 Essential Ramen Shops

All the reasons why LA has the best ramen scene in the country

Los Angeles has had a long history of great ramen, but only in the past few years has the scene hit a real stride. Now the city has the highest standards of ramen anywhere, and might have some of the best standout shops in the country. Whether you’re looking for classic tonkotsu-style broth to more innovative bowls, Los Angeles has it all. Here now, the essential ramen shops of Los Angeles.

Removed: Anzutei, Ramen NAO, Ramen Champ, Ramen by Omae, Silver Lake Ramen, Daikokuya

Added: Tentenyu, Ramen Jinya, Venice Ramen, EAK Ramen, Asa Ramen

LA’s 14 Essential Ramen Shops.” Eater LA – All.

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