LA’s 23 Most Iconic Restaurant Dishes, Spring 2018

LA’s 23 Most Iconic Restaurant Dishes, Spring 2018

The city’s ultimate dining check list

The dining scene in Los Angeles continues to evolve, with flashy new restaurants and old standbys staying busy year after year. But with more competition on the market now than ever before, it’s easy to find oneself chasing new flavors and exciting restaurants, leaving behind the best of what LA has been offering for decades.

Consider this list a recalibration, a way to get diners across the greater Southland back into the mode of enjoying their favorite old standby dishes, wherever they’re served (and however long they’ve been there). This is a rundown of the truly iconic offerings, from a game-changing pizza to wallet-friendly tacos that keep the city fueled late into the night. Presented from west to east, these are the most iconic dishes in Los Angeles.

Removed: Spanish fried chicken at AOC, miso black cod at Matsuhisa, tacos at Loteria, papaya salad at Ruen Pair, pot roast at Jar

Added: LA woman at Jon & Vinny’s, Phuket-style crab curry at Luv2eat, sweet potato taco at Guerrilla, pho at Golden Deli, bone marrow pie at Chi Spacca, shrimp tacos at Mariscos Jalisco

LA’s 23 Most Iconic Restaurant Dishes, Spring 2018.” Eater LA – All.

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