LA’s Insane New Pizza Burger Mashup Wants to Make Sure You Die Happy

LA’s Insane New Pizza Burger Mashup Wants to Make Sure You Die Happy

The new Meathead! gives you everything you want, literally

Downtown has no shortage of great new restaurants to try, but only one of them (as far as we know) is combining two of the city’s great loves on one plate: pizza and burgers. It’s the hot new menu item at upstart Meathead!, which just took over the tiny former Dave’s Grill stand on Main Street.

The sidewalk-seating option only arrived on the scene this past Monday, but is already blowing up thanks to their ingenious burger and breakfast burrito concoctions. The handwritten whiteboard menu (you can also find it online) features the day’s selections, from a namesake Meathead! burger with ground Angus chuck and muenster cheese to the Beef! Beef!, a double-serving of patties and cheese. And yes, you can get your top bun inverted, dosed with cheese, sauce, and pepperoni, and turned into an on-the-go pizza addition for just $3. That’s ingenious.

Beyond the burgers there are bowls and breakfast burritos, like the Threesome below with bacon, sausage, and ham. Add on fries, tots, or onion rings as a side for $4 if you want, but when you’re already eating a pizza burger (which, by the way, they call a Meatzza), what’s the point?

Meathead! is soft open for mostly lunch now, but will be jumping into more consistent and extended hours soon. They already carry a hefty 2,300 Instagram followers (chef/owner James Reamy used to help run the Yeastie Boys truck, after all) despite only being open a week though, so don’t expect the secret to stay that quiet for long. And just be warned: This meal is not for the faint of heart.

646 S. Main St.
Los Angeles, CA

LA’s Insane New Pizza Burger Mashup Wants to Make Sure You Die Happy.” Eater LA – All.

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