Popular Asian Eatery Komodo Permanently Closes Both Locations

Popular Asian Eatery Komodo Permanently Closes Both Locations

It’s unclear why the Asian-fusion restaurant shut down service

Komodo, Eric and Erwin Tjahyadi’s modern Asian food truck gone brick and mortar restaurant closed for good yesterday. A call to the restaurant received the following voicemail, “As of November 13, 2018, all locations of Komodo have permanently closed.”

The shutter is a bit of a mystery, even as Komodo’s Facebook page shared posts as recently as November 12, with a number of positive Yelp reviews shown on November 13. Eater reached out to Tjahyadi, but has not heard back.

Tjahyadi popularized the “pho-rrito” back in 2014, an amalgamation of Vietnamese pho and a Mexican burrito. But he also built a menu showcasing bowls and burritos with fillings like bánh mì-flavored chicken, pork bulgogi pastor, as well as Korean nachos, tacos, and steak with jalapeño aioli and corn.

On the other side of town, the Tjahyadis also opened Bone Kettle, a Southeast Asian kitchen and bar in Old Town Pasadena in early 2017. Both Komodo locations in Venice and Pico-Robertson opened only six months apart from one another in 2013.

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