San Fernando Valley's Essential Restaurants, Spring 2017

San Fernando Valley's Essential Restaurants, Spring 2017

It’s time for the 818 to shine

After finding the essential restaurants in Fairfax, Downtown, Silver Lake, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, the South Bay, and Venice, we now take another look to the Valley, an area that was once considered somewhat of a dining desert. That’s more than just a simple misnomer though, as the vast areas of northern Los Angeles actually offer a wealth of exceptional cuisines, from Thai to Japanese to everyday American fare.

Previous iterations of this map have included Middle Eastern favorites Carnival and Joe’s Falafel that make way this edition for Syrian staple Kobee Factory and food blogger darling Hummus Yummy. The most authentic Thai street food experience outside of Bangkok also makes the cut, along with North Hollywood’s landmark barrel bar and a Granada Hills breakfast classic.

Presented now, in no particular order, are the most essential eats in the 818 right now.

Removed Spring 2017: Gasolina, Girasol, Carnival, Sushi Iki, Joe’s Falafel, Nat’s Early Bite

Added Spring 2017: Kobee Factory, Idle Hour, Hummus Yummy, Wat Thai Temple, Joe’s Cafe, Skaf’s

San Fernando Valley's Essential Restaurants, Spring 2017.” Eater LA – All.

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