Sang Yoon Launches an Ambitious New $110 Tasting Menu at Lukshon

Sang Yoon Launches an Ambitious New $110 Tasting Menu at Lukshon

A six-course affair at this Culver City Asian restaurant

In the words of Jonathan Gold, Sang Yoon might be America’s most underachieving chef. That’s because Lukshon, Yoon’s highly praised but sometimes underrated Asian restaurant in Culver City, continues to operate quietly under the shadow of the likes of Vespertine. Still, this publication has always considered Lukshon a notable LA restaurant, with annual placement on the Essential 38 restaurants.

As Gold himself anticipated in last year’s annual 101 Restaurant list, Yoon is now launching a new six-course tasting menu that costs $110 and comes with a dessert, but doesn’t include tax or gratuity.

The new tasting menu commences June 15, with reservations available beginning May 22 on Lukshon’s website. They’ll have a variety of wine pairings to go alongside the menu, priced between $45 and 85 a person. Reservations for the tasting menu start at 5:30 p.m. and go until 8:30 p.m., plus two seatings on Friday and Saturday at 6 and 8:30 p.m.

Some of the dishes include a Channel Island box crab miang with shallots, avocado, and Tahitian citrus; grilled Austrian wagyu “au poivre” with white cucumber and red gem lettuce; and finally the pineapple sticky rice (pictured above) with compressed pineapple and Thai green curry sorbet. Pastry chef Megan Potthoff continues to execute the sweet side of the menu.

Lukshon will still serve its normal lunch and dinner a la carte menus, plus a $70 per person “family-style” tasting menu with the restaurant’s classic dishes. Before he opened Lukshon and Father’s Office, the Top Chef Masters contestant was the executive chef at Michael’s in Santa Monica, and trained with Joel Robuchon in France. Yoon also opened a yakitori restaurant with Douglas Keane in 2016 called Two Birds, One Stone in Napa Valley.

Sang Yoon Launches an Ambitious New $110 Tasting Menu at Lukshon.” Eater LA – All.

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