Smart LA Couple Throws Awesome Wedding Reception at In-N-Out

Smart LA Couple Throws Awesome Wedding Reception at In-N-Out

Dress, suit, bouquet of flowers and all

Oh, you thought you loved In-N-Out? Not as much as one newly married Los Angeles-area couple, apparently, because they went the whole distance and actually had their wedding reception at one of the restaurants.

Yep, per KTLA one Rowland Heights couple expanded on their love for each other and the classic roadside hamburger by actually going straight from their wedding ceremony to an In-N-Out location in the City of Industry. It’s unclear how much (if any) advanced notice the normally media averse restaurant chain received prior to the couple showing up, but regardless things seemed to go off without a hitch.

Per the news report, newlyweds Juan Pablo Cervantes and Vanessa Cervantes had no particular reason to make their after party happen at Southern California’s most famous burger institution, other than really, really liking the food. The husband also added that he is active duty U.S. Air Force and stationed in New Mexico, where the closest In-N-Out is hundreds of miles away. And, really, what better way to fix your craving than on the most special day of your life?

Smart LA Couple Throws Awesome Wedding Reception at In-N-Out.” Eater LA – All.

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