The 11 Essential Silver Lake Restaurants, 2017 Edition

The 11 Essential Silver Lake Restaurants, 2017 Edition

The hipster hood has some fantastic eats

LA’s expansive landscape can be both a blessing and a curse. While its segmented neighborhoods allow for a great diversity of restaurants and vibrant fare, making long treks during peak dinner hours isn’t always a viable option. Enter Eater LA’s neighborhood guides, handy maps of essential restaurants grouped strictly by neighborhood boundaries.

Los Angeles is full of essential restaurants, tucked away and vital to the neighborhoods they serve. But for Silver Lake, many locals traffic the same places that folks from across town drive an hour just to get to. That is to say, Silver Lake is in the throes of a dining bonanza, with more great restaurants to enjoy than ever before. That might mean nationally-heralded options like Night + Market Song and Trois Familia or the wonderfully charming Cliff’s Edge or Alimento, but each in their own way provides something unique to Silver Lake’s residents and visitors. Here now, the most essential restaurants in Silver Lake, presented in alphabetical order.

The 11 Essential Silver Lake Restaurants, 2017 Edition.” Eater LA – All.

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