The Essential Los Angeles Pizzerias, 2017 Edition

The Essential Los Angeles Pizzerias, 2017 Edition

Dough, sauce, cheese, and more

LA’s pizza scene is probably best described in three time periods. First, the post-Italian immigrant phase where only a few remaining old-school pizzerias remain. These establishments have been serving generations of Angelenos with various styles that have stood the test of time. The next phase was the modern “gourmet” pizza period, which began with Spago and California Pizza Kitchen, and eventually saw its zenith with Pitfire, which first started slinging pies in 1996.

The newest era of pizzas takes a page from the best of the Neopolitan style, then fuses it with a New American sensibility. It’s what Nancy Silverton did when she opened Pizzeria Mozza in 2006, which launched a slew of new school joints that wield wood fire, quality ingredients, and consistent execution, all in a way that truly represents the culinary sensibilities of this city. Here now, the essential pizzerias in Los Angeles, listed in no particular order.

Removed: 800 Degrees, Pitfire, Olio, Pellicola, Mulberry Street, Love & Salt, Tomato Pie, Joe’s Pizza

Added: Grimaldi’s, Dough Box, Pizzana, Pizzeria Il Fico, Felix, Cosa Buona

The Essential Los Angeles Pizzerias, 2017 Edition.” Eater LA – All.

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