The Hottest Restaurants in Queens Right Now, March 2016

The Hottest Restaurants in Queens Right Now, March 2016

Biryani, sushi, sake, noodles, and oh so much more.

It’s time to update the Queens Heatmap, a guide to new and recently-reviewed restaurants in the mighty borough of Queens. Here are the places that the critics, bloggers, and restaurant obsessives are buzzing about right now.

For our list of the most essential restaurants (both old and new) check out the Eater 38 and for the hottest restaurants in Manhattan and Brooklyn just click over.

Added in March: Little Pepper, Shuya Cafe de Ramen, Tangra Masala

Added in February: Whit’s End, Pravue, King of Falafel

Added in January: Cholsum, Kurry Qulture

Added in December: Cemitas El Tigre, Bierocracy, and The Nest Restaurant

Added in November: Hyderabadi Biryani and Chat, The Pomeroy, Number 5,

Added in October: Kavala, Aroma Brazil, Chicks to Go

Added in September: Gui Lin Mi Fen, Papa’s Kitchen

[Note: Restaurants are listed by month added]

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