Tsubaki Modernizes the Izakaya in Echo Park

Tsubaki Modernizes the Izakaya in Echo Park

Opening tomorrow just off Sunset Boulevard

It looks like a quick turnaround for Tsubaki in Echo Park. The minimalist option only took over for the previous tenant, a skewer-focused spot called Kush, back in December, but already has plans to come online tomorrow night.

It’s easy to see why the restaurant got its bearings so fast: Tsubaki is a slimmed down 35-seater where the focus is on the food. That means the muted blue restaurant doesn’t have to spend time showing off, instead relying on classic mid-century modern aesthetics and ample natural light.

The real show will come from the bar up front, where guests can peek into the kitchen. That’s where you’ll find chef Charles Namba, a Bouchon L.A. vet now working a variety of cooked and raw izakaya dishes. Expect everything from steamed egg custard to gyoza to sukiyaki, each meant to be shared and paired with Courtney Kaplan’s impressive sake collection and French wine list. The full food menu is listed below and online.

Tsubaki opens to the world tomorrow, keeping evening hours only from 5:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. Sunday and Tuesday through Thursday (closed Monday), with an extension to 11 p.m. Friday and Saturday nights.

1356 Allison Ave.
Los Angeles, CA

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