Union Square Cafe Plywood, Bobwhite's West Village Sequel, and More Intel

Union Square Cafe Plywood, Bobwhite's West Village Sequel, and More Intel

Mr. Purple drops its burger, plus more news and gossip from around NYC.

— Police are looking for a man who shot two people inside Woodhaven burger restaurant Rico Chimi at 12:30 a.m. on Saturday and then fled the scene. The victims were rushed to Jamaica Hospital. Both are expected to survive. The police do not know the motive for the shooting.

— On a much lighter note, the West Village location of inexpensive Southern restaurant Bobwhite Counter is slated to open later this week at 53 7th Avenue South. The menu will be the same as the one at the East Village original, and the team applied for a liquor license.

— This cheery artwork recently appeared in the window of Union Square Cafe 2.0, now under construction on the corner of Park Avenue South and 19th Street:

 Nick Solares

— Meanwhile, Danny Meyer and his crew took a trip to Italy to prepare for the spring opening:

Back from amazing week in Italy with @UnionSquareCafe team. So many places that inspired the original remain touchstones for the future.

— Danny Meyer (@dhmeyer) February 22, 2016

Hotel Indigo has removed the “Mr. Purple Burger” from the menu of its restaurant, Mr. Purple. This venue is at least partially inspired by deceased urban gardner and longtime vegan David Wilkie AKA Adam Purple. Bowery Boogie hears a rumor that the hotel will rename the restaurant soon and erase all references to Wilkie.

Charles Schwab CEO Walt Bettinger likes to take potential hires to breakfast and secretly tell the waiter to mess up their order. Bettinger recently told the Times: “I do that because I want to see how the person responds. That will help me understand how they deal with adversity. Are they upset, are they frustrated or are they understanding? Life is like that, and business is like that. It’s just another way to get a look inside their heart rather than their head.”

A new book called Sunny’s Nights is a tribute to Sunny’s Bar in Red Hook and its legendary proprietor Sunny Balazo. Author Tim Sultan worked at the bar for many years. He’s hosting a reading/Q & A tomorrow night at Book Court.

Sirio Maccioni is still healing up from a fall at this Villa in Italy. The Le Cirque restaurateur hopes to bounce back for his 85th birthday in April.

In Matt Rodbard’s new book Koreatown: A Cookbook, David Chang reflects on his Korean heritage and its relationship to Momofuku: “I never wanted to be thought of as a Korean chef. It’s like being typecast as a Star Trek character — you’ll never do anything else for the rest of your life. It’s the same if you just do Italian food, you’re sort of one-dimensional. Even though I like Korean food and it certainly inspired a lot of the stuff I did early on, I didn’t respect it as much. That’s really foolish to say now, but at the time I wanted to stay away from it as far as possible.” Chang also notes: “[E]veryone’s treating Korean food like 3D movies. Like, for the past couple of years, everything had to be 3D. And now no one [cares] about it.”

— The new location of Chop’t at 51 Astor Place is giving away free salads and wraps today to anyone who makes a donation to Wellness in Schools.

The Lower East Side location of Galli is officially closed for good. The restaurant opened in the old ‘Inoteca space about 16 months ago.

— And finally, here’s a look at the gigantic hamburgers from Bozna Express in Ridgewood:

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