Yet Another Cat Cafe Has Descended Upon New York

Yet Another Cat Cafe Has Descended Upon New York

Little Lions is New York’s third cat cafe.

After a week of soft-opening, cat cafe Little Lions opened yesterday, making it the third cat cafe to open in New York, DNAinfo reportsThe space at 40 Grand St. in Soho is broken into two areas, a tea lounge and a “cat sanctuary.” Like in previous cat cafes like Meow Parlour and Koneko, cat lovers can pay $11 to spend one hour with the felines in the sanctuary, while guests can pick up tea, coffee, and pastries made by Balthazar and Ovenly in the tea lounge. All of the cats at Little Lions are provided by Best Friends Animal Society, an animal rescue organization, and are available for adoption. There is also a portion of the tea lounge for guests who prefer to observe the cats in the sanctuary.

Reservations for the cat sanctuary are encouraged and can be made through the Little Lions site. Cat cafes have been popping up around the country for a while now. When Meow Parlour New York’s first cat cafe opened in 2014, reservations were booked for months.

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