Zuma’s Arts District Restaurant Will Serve Stylish Japanese Skewers

Zuma’s Arts District Restaurant Will Serve Stylish Japanese Skewers

Inko Nito is the Zuma team’s big new idea in Downtown

As if right on cue, here comes news of big new plans in the Arts District. The Zuma group, famous for their collection of high-end izakayas in London, New York City, Las Vegas, and beyond, is coming to Downtown with an entirely new Japanese playbook to add to its arsenal.

Zuma’s parent company Azumi Limited is set on calling the restaurant Inko Nito. It’s said to be a somewhat casual space for robatayaki (often just called robata), which means lots of meat and charcoal cooking, ideally with a live look into the kitchen itself. Think Highland Park’s RBTA, but on a much larger scale.

The space itself on Garey Street is rather large at some 8,000 square feet, so there should be plenty of room to operate both a restaurant and, likely, cocktails and other drinks. It’s all coming together rather fast though, so expect an opening for Inko Nito by the end of the year, if all goes according to plan.

Meanwhile, names like di Alba around the corner have found that stretch of the Arts District to be busy, but still lacking in the kind of daily foot traffic needed to sustain business. Hopefully the addition of a prime new robata (not far from Little Tokyo no less) and the forthcoming Father’s Office will help.

Inko Nito
249 S. Garey St.
Los Angeles, CA

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